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Technology in Learning 

Nowadays, Technology became in everything in our life even in Learning because it has a lot of benefits such as developing science and methods of learning when it used at Classes.
It's very important to help student to advanced levels in learning to have a special learning environment by digital unique tools.

Technology in Learning also can enhance creativity and encourage student forward. So in this article we will talk about those benefits of Using Tech in Learning.

Benefits of Using in Learning in Learning

1- Making easy process of learning
 Technology helps to make easy of learning by clear the most difficult information to student by presentations and another tech tools  whether is Audiovisual or optic visual. And it must making easy and enhances understanding of difficult lessons.

2- Following students performance 
Teachers can follow-up with student’s performance easily and know the level of Academic attainment. Unlikely in the past we faced difficulty in the traditional learning. We can say there are a lot of useful tools that help in that field such as “My Students Progress program”, and others tools.

3- Technology increases Creativity 
Technology creates Unique learning environment and students can enjoy in learning without paper or pens.Tech encourage students to do handworks by using platforms on internet  and send presentations via emails or do tests.  All of that are the most good things in using Tech in Learning.

4- Enjoyment in process of learning 
 Students can enjoy in process of learning by exiting from routine frame by interaction with information. Also social platforms help student to exchange information epically in groups.

5- Online Learning Benefits 
Online Learning also makes it simpler than before because internet helps to motivate students to search for more information about subjects. Many new educational platforms have emerged to serve the pioneers of online education such as Udemy and others.

6- Technology in learning saves times 
The Availability of information at any time saves a lot of time and making easy to students instead of going to libraries and search among of shelves. Internet solves these problems and made it easy to find any information any time.

Negatives of Using Technology in Learning

We can know Negatives of Using Technology in Learning in the following points:
1- There is possibility of errors in the information on the internet and that occurs if we surfs un-trusted websites.

2-There is possibility of decreasing the level of writing and competence skills of the student. 

3- Lacking of the internet at home for all students 

4- Blackouts