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The future of the classroom with education technology

The technology evolution may seem like a daunting task but, by using high-quality equipment backed by industry expertise, you can ensure that your classroom experience inspires every child to realize their full potential
In the future it's likely that we'll start seeing classrooms adopt a one-to-one ratio between kids and devices. Here are the technology programs that are currently making waves in the field of education:
Tablets like Google's Chromebook are an ideal classroom device because they're relatively cheap, interchangeable, easy to manage, and provide access to a range of Google's educational software.
Technology's benefit in the classroom is all in the way it's used. When paired with interpersonal relationships, thoughtful educators, and deliberate programs, technology can be an incredible asset, but Greenberg warns that it isn't the end-all solution to education.
How these devices are used can vary from classroom to classroom, but further research has indicated that the use of tablets is particularly helpful for boys and children who are struggling academically. A possible reason for this is a move away from the more “traditional” styles of learning, to a platform that is already familiar to the student.
 "The real purpose of education is for the brain to be empowered with information," said Greenberg. "We're teaching students to learn to think, to learn to learn, and to critically assess a situation."
In order for technology to function successfully in the classroom, DreamBox's SVP of Learning, Tim Hudson, says that it needs to be in touch with educators and their needs. "It's important that we listen to teachers and administrators to determine the ways technology can assist them in the classroom," Hudson told Business Insider.